11726 Warfield
San Antonio, Texas
Phone: 210-349-2614
Fax: 210-349-2611
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GIC was formed on January 1, 1984 as consultants and marketing specialists for commercial firms. In the summer of 1986 we teamed up with EC Technologies, Inc. (ECT) in San Antonio, Texas (now DBA as Dynatech). We were successful in securing for them a $1.5 million contract for the repair of TF33 (JT3D) first stage turbine blades. By 1988 we were handling ECT's commercial and military sales and marketing activities.

About mid-1989 we started venturing into the spare parts business and were successful in purchasing inventories and having parts overhauled for resale to overhaul shops and distributors. Our growth has been fueled through our ability to purchase reasonably large inventories and JT3D, JT8D,  and        JT8D-200 engines and components for parting out. Today we operate with a staff of five full time employees. In addition, we utilize part-time help to fill in during busy times.

In May 1996 we moved to our present location which has more than quadrupled our square footage to over 17,000 sq. ft. We are accredited to the Aviation Suppliers Association "ASA-100" Quality System Standard, which meets the requirements of FAA AC 00-56 for qualified distributors. As we continue to grow, we will expand our commercial products to include the purchase of advanced JT8D - 200 engines, CFM56 engines, CF6 engines for part out. Our long range objectives and marketing plan include expanding our acquisitions to include a broader range of Pratt & Whitney and GE power plants, such as the V2500 and CF34 series engines and/or inventory packages. This will greatly assist in broadening our geographical customer base.